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BMOD Schedule


Monday 4/29 - Mike Wildman open, Startzman close

Tuesday 4/30 - Schell open, Mike Bush close

Wednesday 5/1 - Doug Humphrey open, Carrie Gray close

Thursday 5/2 - Eric Eddleman open, Shana Paula close

Friday 5/3 - Dan Whitaker open, Macys close

Saturday 5/4 - Doug Humphrey open, Rob Baldwin Close


Monday 5/6 - Rob Baldwin/ Dan Whitaker open, Doran close

Tuesday 5/7 - Macy open, Shana Paula close

Wednesday 5/8 - TBD - Reserved for Rainouts

Thursday 5/9 - Mark Schell open, Mike Bush close

Friday 5/10 - Mike Werner open, Carrie Gray close

Saturday 5/11 - Rob Baldwin open, Nick LaVelle Close


Monday 5/13 - Doug Humphrey open, Mike Bush close

Tuesday 5/14 - Vernick open, Shana Paula close

Wednesday 5/15 - Nick LaVelle open, Brandon Gray close

Thursday 5/16 - Mike Wildman open, Macy close

Friday 5/17 - Doug Humphrey open, Ryan Beres close

Saturday 5/18 - Mark Schell open, Rob Baldwin Close

As additional schedules are available they will be updated.  Please check in frequently for updates.

Looking forward to a great season!!


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